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Marcel's Culinary Experience
9/17/2017 2 - 4 pm Big Kids: Exploring Indian Cuisine (Ages 12-16)

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Chef Cherise Slattery presents Big Kids: Exploring Indian Cuisine (Ages 12-16)

Move over fried rice, pizza, and tacos, there's a new kid in flavor town; Indian. Naan, Raita, Curry, and Samosas are all common in Indian cuisine. Loaded with new spices and scents, these dishes can be unfamiliar but don't let them be intimidating. Indian cuisine has multiple regional variations, but is big on flavor and the perfect spice combinations. On the menu: Homemade Naan with Raita, Curry Chicken Skillet, Vegetable Stuffed Samosas, and Sweet Pal Payasam with Pistachios